Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oregon Trail - View to Learn.

Please watch this video and write three complete sentences about new information and facts that you learned about the Oregon Trail or Westward Expansion!!!  Please also write two sentences on things you are still wondering about.  Be sure to check your grammar and punctuation at the beginning and the end of your sentences. 


  1. This is what I have on the Oregon trail. The Oregon trail started in the 1800's and everyone got to Oregon by wagon.I wonder how it would feel to be a animal pulling a wagon? The Oregon trail was a 2,000 mile trip!
    That is what I have for you on the Oregon trail.

  2. The people who traveled to Oregon on the Oregon Trail only had 40 wagons!!!! Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana from the French. They wanted to get to Oregon before England did. The migration on the Oregon Trail begin in the 1840s and lasted until the 1860s. They crossed over 2000 miles of uncharted land. The Oregon Trail was the first wagon trail to go across the country. From the 1840s to the 1860s one half million immigrants set of on the five to six month journey. A wagon was usually 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 10 to 11 feet tall. Oxen were the best thing to pull the wagon. The goal was to make it to Oregon before the winter snow fell. It was a very long journey. Thousands of people died.

  3. Here are some things that I leaned about the Oregon Trail
    * They voted not to travel on the sabbath
    * There company ones about 40 wagons
    * There spirants are hi
    * They wanted the people from the united states to populate the area west of the rocky mountains before England did
    Now I will tell you two wonders
    1. Why is the Oregon Trail called the Oregon Trail?
    2. What did they eat?

  4. Here are my facts: There were about 40 wagon at one time. In 1803 the United states owned the Alantic ocean to the Rocky Mountain. Oxes were best to pull wagons because they could work long hours and there strong. And here are my quastoins: What food do they eat? What to drink?

  5. There are 40 wagons.
    Most people walked on their feet more than riding in the wagon.
    They had a hard time traveling through water.

    What did they feed their oxes?
    Why did the wagons they have covers on them?

  6. I learned that they did not travel on the Sabath. They also wanted to get to the west side of the country before the British. It started in the 1840's and ended in the 1860's. The Oregon Trail was the first to span the continent .
    How did cholera kill them?
    Is the Oregon Trail a real trail today?

  7. Here are some things that I learned about the Oregon Trail.

    The company owned about 40 wagons. Thomas Jefferson wanted to buy New Orleans from the French. The french gave him the entire Louisiana Territory. They traveled over 2,000 miles of uncharted territory. A good wagon cost about $85.00. Oxen were the best animal to pull the wagon. The white people brought diseases that killed some of the Indians. Chimney Rock was used for target practice. The top of Chimney Rock got shot off.

    I wonder…
    How many people died? How much of their belongings did they leave behind?

    That is what I learned and wonder about the Oregon Trail!

  8. I learned that they go with 40 wagons. I also learned not many white people had gone west of the Mississippi river those who did were mostly called fur traders. The last thing I learned was the wagons were usually 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep and 10 or 11 feet tall.
    here are my questions. Why do they bring 40 wagons? also why do they want Oregon?

  9. This is what I learned on the Oregon Trail.

    There were 40 wagons. The United States covered land from the Atlantic ocean to the Rocky Mountains. They packed 5 pounds of gun powder.

    How long did the trip take?

  10. Here are some facts about the Organ trail

    When Thomas Jefferson was president he wanted to buy New Orleans from the French. The USA wanted to populate the west of the United States before England. The migration on the Organ trail lasted from the 1840s to the 1860s. The journey was 5 to 6 months. And last but not least… The children were expected to act like an adult.


  11. Here is what I learned about the Oregon Trail
    *There was 40 wagons
    *it took from the 1840's into the 1860's
    *1/2 of a million were on the Oregon Trail
    *The wagons cost about $85
    * Oxen pulled most of the wagons
    *They brought 5 pounds of gun powder
    * Most people did not ride in the wagon's

  12. Here are my facts about the Oregon Trail:

    1. The pioneers left Independence, Mo. with 40 wagons.
    2. Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
    3. Few white men had gone west of the Mississippi River before the 1840s.
    4. Oxen were the best animals to pull the wagons.

    Here are my questions:

    1. How many people died from snakebite on the Oregon Trail?
    2. What is the Continental Divide?

    Bye - Reece OUT!

  13. 1.Thomas Jefferson bought the port New Orleans from the French known as the Louisiana Purchase
    2. They had 40 wagons traveling on the Oregon Trail.
    3. The wagons didn't travel on Sundays.
    4. Most people walked by foot.
    1. What were the horses who carried the wagons fed?
    2. How many people survived the trail?

  14. I am going to talk to you about the oregon trail lets start.

    *skills, trades , and blacksmiths are helpful on the Oregon trail

    *they had 40 wagons

    wagons are 4 ft. wide and 11 ft. long

  15. This is what I learned...
    *voted to travel Saven
    *They had about 40 wagons
    *in the Oregon territory there was unlimited land and crop
    *a lot of people took the Oregon trail to find a better life

    How long did it take to find a better life?
    How long did it take the Immagrants to find a better life in a storm?
    What do they live in?
    how do they get across the ocean or river or lake?

  16. There were not just settlers but there were doctors and other people like that.They saw Indians on the way. They made and broke treaties with the Indians
    what did they do for entertainment? How many chores did they have?

  17. Here is what I learned about the organ trail.
    *they wouldn't travel on the Sabbath
    *On May 2 they left Missouri with about 40 wagons to claim land
    *the migraine began in the 1840's and lasted into the 1860's
    Farmers also followed the call west
    * A good wagon cost 85$ and should be able to hold food, water, some of the passengers belongings, tools, and some passengers
    *beds were just sheets and a blankets
    *A wagon would try to cover 20 miles a day a 2 miles per hour
    And that is some of the things I learned about the Organ Trail.