Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fantastic International Fair!!!


We had a wonderful time in Australia and India
Please share your thoughts about your experiences.
What were your favorite activities? What food was
 your favorite? Were you surprised by anything? 
Share any new learning!  Be original and do not look at what others had to say until you have posted.  Be sure to write 4 to 5 sentences and use correct spelling, punctuation an grammar. 


  1. Hi I am Sydney and these are my thoughts about India and Australia...

    I thought Australia was really fun we got to go surfing!!! We also met queen Elisabeth and sang happy birthday to her in opera!!! And we did that in the Sydney Opera house!!! We also got to go to school in the outback!! Did you know that kids in Australia had to do school on the weekends?? They used a walkie talkie to communicate from home.
    Those are my favorite parts in Australia!!

    In India we went to the market and tried some food and got an Indian coin we could spend that coin or keep it and I kept mine!! We tried some food in the market we tried mango juice and something else that was spicy. And then we got to attened an Indian wedding!!! We learned what they wear and what makeup they put on.
    And those are some things that I liked about India

  2. I learned that in Australia at the beach, if there is a yellow flag it means there are sharks in the water. In India I learned that weddings are usually three days long. Also, in Australia I learned that wombats have pouches. In India, I also learned that sixty-six percent of their population live in the country and are farmers. Australia was my favorite to learn about because we got sponge cake, shark-teeth and we learned about marsupials in Australia.

  3. I never knew that the dug potatoes in India. And I never knew that the parents picked who to mary in India. They say OY! in Australia a lot. And the Sydney Harbor is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

  4. I learned that the top of the Sydney oppra house was based on orange peels. I never knew that they had mango juice in India. I never knew that surfing was realy populer in Astraila.I never knew that people sleep on string beds in India.

  5. I had so much fun during International fair. It was so cool! My favorite part about Australia was when we did the mini surfing, which was surprising!I also liked when we had that cake and the root beer. My favorite part about India was when we learned about their culture and their food.I was suprised that were lots of deer in India. I also liked it when we got one of the coins from India and that was my International fair! Bye!!!

  6. WOW! this is very hard they were very well done well I am going to stat out with Australia the funnest group that I thought was the surfing it really felt like you were surfing. I really really liked the cake and the root bear I want to have it agin. Now were going to take are plane to India well first I thought the funnest group was the village house that was a really comfortable I thought the mango juice was really sawer and I forgot what the food we had but it was very spicy. Now are trip has ended back to Houston Texas!!!!!

  7. I liked surfing in Australia! I liked the yummy cake and chocolate in Australia. The dessert was called a Lamington and is popular there.
    I never knew that there were 200 languages spoken in India. I thought the spices in India were delightful and very bright colors, but they were strong. I never knew that the design of the Opera house was made to look like a peeled orange, I thought that was interesting. I never knew that the Great Barrier reef was as long as 70 million Kinkaid football fields. I learned that Indian money was called Rupe. My neck would really hurt from carrying potatoes in the fields.

  8. International Fair was AMAZING!!!! My favorite part about Australia was the surfing. I never knew they surfed a lot in Australia! I loved the cake covered in chocolate and the root beer! I never knew the top of the Sydney Opera House was supposed to look like orange peels! Throwing the boomerangs was fun! Mine got stuck in a tree!!! My favorite part about India was the food! The mango juice tasted like a smoothie, and the samosa was really good! I also learned that potatoes are very popular in India! Did you know it is common to have an arranged marriage in India? The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, and it took about twenty years to build! Those are some facts that I learned during International Fair!!!!

  9. My favorite food was the cake in Australia. And my favorite thing to do in Australia was the surfing. And in India I liked the shopping and the wedding .And my favorite country is Australia!

  10. I loved International Fair. My favorite activities this year were the surfing in Australia and the market in India. My favorite food was the samosa! It was so good and spicy! My favorite drink was the root beer stuff in Australia. I thought it was surprising that most of the people in India live in the countryside and not the city. My favorite country was very close but I liked India a little better because they taught us more things. Their culture is very interesting. Thats what Iearned at International Fair - REECE OUT!

  11. My favorite thing in Australia out of it all has to be surfing. But here is what I did. I sang to queen Elizabeth the 2nd in the Sydney opera house. We also went to school in Australia, we also threw boomerangs (mine fell into a fake fire).
    My favorite thing in India is when I went to the market and tried the food the samosa was good(and spicy!!!). Also the Mango juice was amazing. India had so many smells and spices. I learned that Indian wedding dresses were orange not white.
    My favorite country is Australia

  12. International Fair was AWESOME truly one of the best I have ever seen and pat on the back to the parent volunteers. I didn't know the top of the Sydney Opera House was supposed to look like orange peels. I loved the food in India the samosa and the mango juice. I loved surfing in Australia and the cake there too. I never knew that they surf so much in Australia. That is all for today bye. Bennett


  13. My favorite thing in Australia was surfing and going to the opera to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday!
    My favorite thing in India was the market place.They have really COOL lunchboxes.I got a comic book called Talking Teddy.The mango juice was really AWESOME and SWEET!!!!
    Something I also liked in Australia was throwing the boomerang.The cake in Australia was YUMMY.
    The spices in India were So STRONG!!!

  14. My favorite Country was Australia I liked the cake and the root beer and the homework pass was useful and I like the moving surfboards too. India I tried the food and it was spicy but I liked the mango juice. #GARRETT

  15. My favorite thing that we did in Australia was throwing the boomerangs at the parrots because it was hard and fun. In India I liked the village home because it was very fun hearing about the animals and school there. I also liked the surfing in Australia because you think you are going to fall off but you don't. And then in India the spices smell like a lot of pepper. So that is a few thing about India and Australia.

  16. My favorite thing that we did in Australia was the mechanical surf boards because it reminded me of when I took surf board lessons in California. My favorite food was the cake in Australia. My favorite drink was the root beer in Australia. I also really liked the mango juice.