Wednesday, January 22, 2014

International Fair!!!

The exciting International Fair is just a week and a half away.  It is always such a fun and educational time with so much "new" learning going on!!!  Do you have any wonders or questions about Australia or India that you think could be answered at the fair?  Use this link LS Subscription Databases to read more about Australia and India if you want more information. Please write three new facts you have learned about either country in the last week. Be original and creative!!!  Also please post any wonders or questions you might have as well.  As always, please check your punctuation and spelling!!!


  1. Here are some fact on India.

    *They have the largest mangrove forrest in the world

    *One of the main sports in India is Cricket

    *One of the main trasports is by train

    Those are my facts on India

  2. I am Going to tell you some facts about Australia...

    Australia is the only country that covers a whole continent.
    Australia is almost as big as the United States.
    More than one third of Australia is desert.

    My Questions...
    How many people can fit on Australia???
    Are there dogs in Australia???

    And those are some of the facts that I know and some questions that I have on Australia!!!!
    ~ Sydney

  3. Facts on Australia:
    they have three climates tropical,temperate, and dessert. They use dollars. And they grow wheat and barley

    What do they eat? Are there any indians there?

  4. Here are facts about Australia:

    *Kangaroos and Koalas only live in Australia.
    *It is the only country that is also a continent.
    *It is the smallest continent in the world.
    *The Great Barrier Reef is there.
    *It has 516 National Parks (I am pretty sure!).

    I do have some questions:
    *Do they have forests?
    *Does it rain a lot?
    *How many people live there?
    *Do they have house pets?

    This is what I know and this is what I want to know. Reece out!

  5. The Indians eat with there right hand in steed of forks. The trains there are not just to get around on. Bollywood is what they call Hollywood in India. Chess was invented in India. Cows sit by the roads some times. India invented the number system. This was all new learning for me!

  6. India! I learned that…

    *Cows are sacred to the Hindus and can't be harmed.
    *It is the only country with both wild lions and wild tigers.
    *India's national fruit is the mango.
    *India is the world's seventh largest country.
    *India is 1,269,338 square miles.

    I wonder…

    *What is their population?
    *How many different languages do they have?
    *How many religions do they have?

    I'm excited for International Fair!

  7. The Australian currency is Australian Dollar.
    All over Australia there is "kangaroo crossing" signs.
    Australia is home to twenty different kinds of poisonous snakes.
    And I wonder if they have any rhinos and alligators.
    What's their usual PE game to play at school?
    Also, I wonder if it's common to find a snake in their backyard?

  8. Here are some facts about Australia....It is the only country that covers a whole continent. Two famous landmarks in Australia are the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. There are more kangaroos than people.

    How many people live in Australia?
    What sports are the most popular?

  9. Here are some things about India. Lots of them go on train station. There are more than one billion people that live there. Their capital is New Delhi. They have a lot of languages. Like Hindi and 14 others including English. It is about 1,200,000 square miles.
    How many deserts are there in India?
    How many kings have lived in the Taj Mahal?

  10. Australia
    * carved in rocks
    * they drew animals in each rock
    * the last rock artist died in the 1960's

  11. I am going to tell you some facts about India

    * over a billon people a year go on railways in India
    * the Taj Mahal is won of the 7 wonders of the world
    *over 4 billon people go in and out of the railways in India
    * Indias railways are the latest implorer

    * how many hours or minutes does it take to do mehandi
    *what is the red thing on there forehead

  12. I am doing Australia.
    The aborigines were known to have owned Australia for over 50,000 years. In Australia there are 20 different types of venomous snakes. There are also 516 National Parks.

  13. I am going to tell you about Australia. There are 20 different types of poisonous snakes. There are several different types of rain forests. there are 36 different types of funnel web spiders.

  14. I learned that Australia is the only place that has kangaroos, platypus, and koalas. There are 36 different types of funnel web spiders. 20 species of venomous snakes. Australia is the only country that covers the whole continent. Australia is one of the largest countries in the world.

    Why is the Koala only in Australia?
    What are funnel web spiders?

  15. I am going to tell you about India...
    *The population is over a billon people
    *The Taj Mahal is a temple in India
    *Hindu is an art in India done on the hand

    How long would it take to fly to India from Texas?
    Why do they carry heavy objects on there head?


  16. *In india most people travel by trains.
    * The official name for India is the Republic of India.
    *A nickname for India is south vinice

  17. I am going to tell you about India
    *the Taj Mahal took about 20 years to build
    *the population is 1.237 billion by 2012
    * India is 1,269,338 square miles
    * cows are allowed on the streets

    I am so excited for International Fair

  18. *in moon by India it is always rush hour
    *India is the 7th largest country in the world
    *cows sit on the sidewalk

    I'm very excited about International Fair.