Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Texas Native Americans!!!

We have recently started our Texas Native American Unit.  Texas was home to thousands of American Indians.  The lives of the early Native Americans were all very different.  Each tribe had its own way of life, and whether they became farmers, hunters. or fishermen depended on their environment.  They also varied greatly in how they looked, what they wore, what they ate, and how they lived.  Introduce us to your tribe and tell us three to five interesting facts you have learned about your tribe!!!  Spark our interest!!!  Please write with correct grammar and punctuation!!!


  1. My tribe is the Comanche Indians.
    ~ The main weapon is the bow and arrow. The arrow if it gets the right target it can go right through the buffalo.
    ~ The Comanche Indians live in the plains of America. And over the time they started to fight other tribes to get their land. Because of that the Comanche land grew bigger and bigger. Soon their land spread all the way into the northern part of Texas.
    ~ The Comanche Indians used all parts of the buffalo
    ~ The Comanche Indians lived in tepees so if a big herd of buffalo came they could travel with them. The tepee could be put up and down in eight minutes.

  2. The Caddo people believed that there were two young men that helped form the tribe. They used tobacco and herbs to heal villagers who were sick. They grew corn, beans, squash and other types of food.

  3. *The Commanche Indians were experts with the bow.
    *They were also very good horse men.
    *They would only eat fish if it was totally nessasary .
    *Some times a hunter would shoot a arrow through a buffalo!
    *Their main food was the buffalo.

  4. The Caddo made houses that looked like beehives and they used the shoulder blade of a buffalo for a hoe. their temples had a fire burning at all times.Bye!!!

  5. *Bow and arrow was the main weapon
    *The rabbit stick was also another useful weapon it was used to kill rabbits and other small animals it was thrown like a boomerang
    *They built dome - shaped huts they put fires in the huts to keep the warm
    *Men wore breech cloth and they also made robes made out of rabbit skins or coyote cloth
    *Some of the Coahuiltecans lived in San Antonio
    *And also some lived on the North American continent
    *Many of the Coahuiltecans traveled to Mexico
    *In the 1800's the Coahuiltecans became extinct

  6. My tribe is the caddos.
    *their hair was always braided down their backs.
    *for jewelry they used animal teeth and shells.
    *they saved corn seeds in case of drought and they would plant them.
    *their houses are shaped bee hives.
    *when it got cold the men and women cloth leggings.
    *they hunted for buffalo to eat.
    *when the priest is praying he doesn't eat or sleep for several days.

  7. My tribe is the Karankawa
    * the karankawa indians lived in huts that were easy to take apart
    * they ate berries and nuts in the summer
    * They took baths in the frozen lake in the winter
    * they wore big buffalo skin coats in the winter
    *The married women drew stripes on their face

  8. My tribe was the Coahuiltecans.
    *main weapon bow and arrow
    *a rabbit stick is sort of like a boomerang it is thrown like a boomerang
    *they made robes out of breech cloth that the men wore and some rabbit skin an coyote skin
    *they had dome shaped huts
    *some of the Coahuiltecans lived in the North American continent
    *some lived in Mexico
    *others lived in San Antonio
    *Coahuiltecans became extinct in the 1800's


  9. My tribe is the Coahuiltecans. I learned a lot of interesting facts about them including...
    *They ate a lot of fish that they killed with their bows and arrows.
    *They also ate spiders, ant eggs, worms, lizards, snakes, and rotten wood and dirt.
    *They wore very little clothing.
    *They tattooed their bodies to distinguish one band from another.
    *They had dome-shaped huts.
    *Fires were built inside the huts.
    *Their main weapon was the bow and arrow.
    *Other weapons they used were hammers, scrapers, axes, and knives.
    *It was a custom for one of the warriors to go to the enemy camp.
    *They believed in spirits, demons, and other make-believe beings.
    *Babies were carried on their mother's back.
    * At an early age kids were given bows and arrows.
    *Many traveled to Mexico.
    *In the 1800's they became extinct.
    *They lived from Galveston Bay to the Rio Grande.
    *Some lived in San Antonio.
    *Their land was a dry rolling plain.
    I love researching about other historical people and places!

  10. *The Kiowas ate buffalo mainly.
    *The Kiowas also ate rabbit, antelope and deer too.
    *Warriors in the Kiowas tribe cut his hair on the right side as short as he can and on the left side they let it grow it as long as it can go.
    * Most of the Kiowas wore deer skin.
    *They also made teepees out of tan hind and decorated it with beads and paint.
    *Their best and favorite weapon was the bow and arrow.
    *They found guns from the white men,but they didn't abandon the bow and arrow after they found the guns.

  11. Hi. I have the Karankawa indians.

    *They cooked in clay pots

    *most of their food is in water

    *Always are barefoot

    *At war faces were red&black

    *Homes have to be easy to take a part and build back together

  12. *The Apache's main food is buffalo
    *Apache women gathered vegetables,fruits, and roots
    * the Apaches had two most important plants with were the Agave plant and the Sotol plant
    *The Apaches hunted buffalo,deer antalope,rabbits, and rodents
    *Apaches were nomadic
    *their climate had little rainfall
    *The Apaches didn't eat strong smelling foods before deer hunts
    *The Apaches didn't eat snakes,prairie dogs,fish, and turkeys

  13. My tribe is the Comanche !!!
    Comanches came to home land from rocky mountains .
    They lived in cone shaped teepees .
    They got guns from white men .
    There shields were made with rawhide .

  14. Hi, I am studying the Apache Indian tribe.
    * They ate buffalo, deer and rabbits
    * Their main weapon was the bow and arrow
    * Their teepees were light so they could be moved easily.
    * They used buffalo bones to clean their clothes.
    * If the hunter killed a deer but could not fit it all in his bag, he would take some of it and then return later for the rest.

  15. My tribe is the Karankawa indian.
    Shelter=there home has to be easy to break down and put back up,and
    home's are made from willow poles[poles are 18 feet tall]
    Clothing=some men wore no clothes during the summer,sometimes in
    the winter they would wear big robe jackets,and always went barefoot
    Food=when food was hard to find they were forced to eat bear fat,and tallows,and liked expired food
    Intersting facts=When they were getting attaked by mquitoes they used alligator grease because of its strong otter

  16. * the Kiowas used all parts of the buffalo
    * they lived in the great plains
    * they moved with the buffalo so the lived in teepees which were easy to move
    *there main tools were bows and arrows but they never made pottery or baskets
    *teepees were decorated with beads and paint

  17. * The Kiowas used tanned hides to make tee pees
    * They used bear fat to season food
    * There mane weapon was the bow and arrows and laces found guns from white men

  18. * Apache women wore hair in one thick braid
    * Apachies wore shirts, skirts, leggings, and mocosens
    * the day before they hunted deer they would not eat strong smelling foods for fear deer could detect them

  19. I think the Caddoes are a great Texas Indian tribe!!!

  20. I think it is really neat that they had two chiefs!!! They were strong and brave!!!