Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Author Visits Take Two!!!

 We have had the privilege of meeting and listening to two fantastic authors!!!  Katherine Applegate is a Newbery Award winner for The One and Only Ivan and Laura Vaccaro Seeger is a 2- time Caldecott Honor Winner for Green and First the Egg!!!  Write about two things that you learned, thought was interesting, or stood out in your mind from each author.  Please make sure you write with complete sentences and use the correct punctuation!


  1. For Katherine Applegate, I never that the story about Yambo was true and that you , Katherine Applegate, made a series called Animorpheres. For Laura Vaccaro, I never knew that she helped on the network ABC. Also, that the story Dog and Bear all started out with an antique bear.

  2. Katherine Applegate

    *The real Ivan broke his finger I think by swinging on a fan.
    * She has to be the caricter in the book to write about the person or thing.

    Laura Seeger

    *Her New book is a dog and bear book.
    * She started writing when she was two.

  3. For Katherine Applegate.
    I think that is so cool that Katherine Applegate and her husband wrote a series called Animorphs. Also she won The Golden Kite award for the best fiction book in 2008.
    For Laura Vaccaro Seeger
    she was a 2 time winner of the Caldecott Honor Award, winner of New York times best illustrated book award. Another thing is that she has a husband named Chris, there two sons,Drew, and Dylan, and their dog Copper.

  4. larua seeger

    * I thought it was interesting when she tought us how to draw Bully
    * I enjoyed the part where she read us Green
    * I think it was cool when she told there was a new Dog and Bear coming out

  5. Laura Seeger:

    *I think it is so cool that her dog is in one of her books
    *I did not know that she had two sons (Drew and Dylan) and a dog (Copper)
    *I think it was so cool that she had holes in the pages of the book green and when you turn the page it machos with that page

    Katherine Applegate:

    *I never knew that the real Ivan broke his finger from hanging on a candler
    and that he painted with his tongue
    *I am sad that Ivan lived in a cage for 27 years
    *I think it is funny that Mac dressed Ivan up and took him to parties

  6. Katherine Applegate

    * I never knew Yombo did not hurt the kid
    * I never knew that she made a series called Animorphs

    Laura Vaccaro Seeger

    *That she won 3 awards
    *Her new book is called Dog and Bear #GARRETT

  7. For Katherine Applegate
    She won the Golden Kite award in 2008for best fiction and that she won the 2013 Newbery Medal for her children's novel The One And Only Ivan.
    For Laura Vaccaro Seeger
    That she won so many awards and even a Emmy award and hoe in her book Bully how she painted the bull with a twig.

  8. Katherine Applegate: it took about a year to write her book.I never knew that Ivan was real.
    Laura Seeger:
    She won 3 or 4 awards I can't remember.She has great illustrations and words.Bye!!!

  9. Katherine Applegate: I never knew the Yambo story was real in The One and Only Ivan. I don't believe that the gorilla in the story was so gentle with the kid. I am surprised that Ivan grew up in a tiny box for more than two decades.
    Laura Seeger: I can't believe that she won so many awards!! I learned that Laura Seeger just had a stuffed bear and her editor just asked her to write a story about the bear. It became a series out of nowhere!!

  10. I love it when visiting authors come! I also love writing and drawing. Because I like to write, it is so interesting to hear other authors thoughts and opinions! I learned a little bit about two authors that came this week. Katherine Applegate and Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

    Katherine Applegate: She wrote many books including The Buffalo Storm and many series including Roscoe Riley Rules. Her book Home of the Brave was awarded the Golden Kite Award in 2008. She lives in California with her husband, two children, and assorted pets.

    Laura Vaccaro Seeger: She won a lot of awards including an Emmy. She wrote 16 books. She is a very good artist. She has two sons named Drew and Dylan and a dog named Copper.

    I have learned a lot so far this week!

  11. Here are three facts about Katherine Applegate. One of them is she took some real facts about Ivan and made some parts up and made a book about him,she also got the name Julia from her daughter, and she loves gorillas. Three facts that I learned about Laura Seeger is that she loves to make children's books. One other fact that I learned about her was that she won two Caldecott awards and she cuts holes in her books to make you look more in to the pictures.

  12. *It is cool that Kattherline showed us a video of a gorilla touching a child
    *It is also cool that wrote a book about a gorilla

    this is the other author
    *It is cool that she treats her books like children
    *It is also cool that she is a good drawer and writer

  13. I love Kathrin applegate and I liked drawing the bull from the book Bully I think it is a great book and I think it made her fell good when she got the Emmy and getting a Emmy is big big big .

  14. For Katherine Applegate

    *I never knew what took her so much research to make a book. She also went to Ivan's funeral.

    *Her chapters are really short

    For Laura Vaccaro Seeger

    *Her last book was Bully

    *She won 3 awards


  15. It is so interesting when a author or illustrator comes to our school. Two things I thought were interesting that Katherine Applegate said were that sometimes it can take two years to write a book, and that you mess up a bunch. Two things that Laura Vaccaro Seeger talked about was a book called Bully that taught you how to stand up to bullying, and a book called green that had holes in the pages.

  16. I liked how Katherine Applegate told the story from Ivan's point of view and not a humans. In the presentation I liked that she told Ivan's story and gave us some details. I also liked how her and her husband Wrote a book called Animorphs.

    What I learned about the other author is that she has won an Emmy and two Caldecott meddles. A dog named Copper and two sons. She wrote 16 books!!!!!

  17. I thought it was interesting when Katherine Applegate told us that Ivan was a real gorilla and based The one and only Ivan about Ivan.I also liked when she told us how to write a good book and how long it takes.What I liked about Luara Seeger was that she did holes in her pages to make it go with the next picture.I wonder how Ivan got his name?

  18. I thought that it was cool that Ivan is a real gorilla. I thought that it was also cool when she showed use the Gorilla video. I liked when Laura Seeger showed use how she drew Bull. I like how she did the holes in her book.