Thursday, May 8, 2014

Summer Reading!!!

Let's Make This a Summer of Reading!!!

Summer is coming quickly! Mrs. Holloway and Mrs. Cox have been talking to us about our summer reading. We will have a chance to buy some of the books at our upcoming Summer Book Sale. 
     Take a look at the 3rd and 4th grade HAISLN list to see which books spark your interest! Choose three to four and tell us which ones you plan to read and why! Will you stick with your favorite author or series? Are you going to branch out and read a new genre? I have a stack of books at home and am anxiously waiting to dive in!


  1. I want to read a nest for Celest because it sounds good. The same with How to Train Your Dragon and The Mouse and the Motercycle. I want to read The Case of the School Ghost because I like mysteries Bye!!!

  2. I want to read Big Nate In the zone because all big nate books are funny! I also want to read Mr. Lelacello library and A nest for Celest

  3. This summer I want to read 3 books from the HAISLN list. They are…..

    *A Nest For Celeste
    *The 13-Story Treehouse
    *I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake, 1906

    I want to read A Nest For Celeste because I've heard good things about it. I want to read The 13-Story Treehouse because people say it's really good, and it looks interesting. I want to read I Survived The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 because I've read other books in that series, and they're really good.

  4. This summer book sale I will be buying 11 Birthdays, 12 Finally, and 13 gifts. I want to read them because I am always hearing Mia P. and Bennett talking about you good they are. I will also buy The Brixton Brothers series at barns and Noble because I read the first book and I really liked it. Even if I finish my 10 books I will still be reading because I love to read. I can't wait until summer.


  5. These are the books I am looking forward to reading: The 13 story treehouse, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library, Heroes in Training: Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom and Arnie the Doughnut/Bowling Alley Bandit. I want to the read 13 story treehouse because I have heard people talking about it and how it was really good. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library sounds interesting because lots of people liked it. Heroes in Training sounds fun because I am interested in Greek myths. The Bowling Alley Bandit was very popular in third grade so I bet I will like that too! REECE OUT

  6. This Summer I am planning to read...
    ~The Candymakers
    ~Escape from Mr. Lemoncellos Library
    ~A Nest for Celeste

    I want to read The Candymakers because everywhere I go people are telling me to read the book because it is so good.
    I want to read Escape from Mr.Lemoncello's Library because when I read the back cover it sounded interesting.
    I want to read a Nest for Celeste because when I read the preview on the HASLIN list it sounded very interesting.

    1. The Candy Makers rocks! I read it in 2nd grade

  7. The books I'm looking forward to reading are Holes and I heard about it from my brother and Samantha Dillon the said it was great. I'm also looking forward to reading to reading James And The Giant Peach but I have always wanted to read that book. And another book is Captain Underpants and the talking toilets! I'm sorry that these aren't from the Haslin list but they are the one I'm looking forward to reading!


  8. I am looking forward to summer reading. Here are some of the books I will read. First A Nest For Celeste. I am starting with that one because we have to read and so then I can get it over it. I am also planning on reading Mysteries According To Humpry. I want to read that one because it seems cute. Arnie the doughnut: the bowling ball bandit is another one I want to read.
    I don't think this is on the list, but I want to read the candy makers too. I hear it is really good.
    - Hope

  9. I really want read...
    -Bill the boy wonder co-creator of batman because it sounds very interesting.

    - I also want to read," Have a hot time Hades" because my fourth grade friends tell me its really good.

    - I also want to read," You wouldn't want to be a roman Gladiator" because the review was really good.

  10. I want to read...

    - Neptune project, because of the back.

    -Bat Boy, because of the back also

    - and Force Out, because Reece recommended it to me.


  11. Books I want to read over the summer. I want to read the Candy Makers because Reece recommended it to me. I ale want to read A Nest for Celeste because It looks like a good book to read over the summer. Finally I would want to read over the summer is The Mouse and the Motorcycle because it sounds really good. #BRETT#

  12. I want to read a book called athletes VS mathlets. I can't get it because my mom said Connor was already getting it and that I have to read after him.
    I also want to read the mouse with the ? tail ( The mouse with the question mark tail)
    I also want to get orange juice on a cupcake I want to read it because I read the first book in the series,Like pickle juice on a cookie it was an old bluebonnet book and i started to enjoy the series!!!


  13. I really want to read 13 Gifts, 11 Birthdays, 12 Finally, A Nest For Celeste, The Ultra I did not write the hole title. And I want to read Familiars and I did not write the hole title on that one either. The Hachet, Blast Prom and I did not write the hole title on that and I want to read the Arnie The Dounut book.Later!!!

  14. I have a lot planed for tomorrow I want to read
    * 11 birthdays
    * 12 finally
    *13 gifts
    I want to read all of those because I have read most of Wendy Masses books! *
    * I also wan to read like carrots on a cupcake because the books before that are really good.
    * How to steal a dog because when the day when we switched classes Mrs Bittler red the first couple pages to use and I thought It was really good so fare

  15. I want to read Nest for Celeste. It is a book that we have to read over the summer and I am curious what it is about. I also want to read Stick Dog because Kate read it and said it was really funny. I am also going to read Orange Juice on a Cupcake because I read Pickle Juice on a Cookie and really liked it!

  16. The book I really want to read million dollar throw, force out,and heat. Force out and heat are baseball books but million dollar throw is a football book and I really want to read the neptune project. #GARRETT

  17. I want to read the neptune project because the summary. I want to read the bat boy because I like baseball. I want to read I survived because it looks interesting.

  18. I would like to read survivors because it looks real interesting. I also want to read Giants Beware because it has good illustrations. I want to read a nest for Celeste because theres not that much words on every page.
    The Big field because I like the cover.