Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Because of Winn Dixie

I really love how the preacher listed 10 things about Opal's mom. For fun, you can experiment making a top 10 list about your mom, dad or any important person in your life.  Be sure to start with a capital letter and end with a period. You can read my list about my mom below. Enjoy!

Top Ten List about my mom…
1.     She loves my dad
2.    She loves her three kids, grandkids and great grandkids
3.    She loves to read
4.    She can be funny
5.    She is small
6.    She doesn’t like to exercise too much
7.    She is an excellent cook
8.    She likes to hang out with her family
9.    She is an awesome hunter
10.  She is a great listener


  1. 10 things I love about my sister 1. She is playful 2. She loves to play on the computer 3. She has the energy of a monkey. 4. She loves to bake 5. Her birthday is exactly one month before mine. 6. She loves to play with her stuffed animals. 7. She is smart. 8. She loves gymnastics. 9. She is a great reader. 10. She is my sister!!!

  2. 10 things abut my mama
    1: She is very funny
    2: She has brown hair
    3:She loves me and my daddy
    4: She gives me a kiss every night
    5: She goes to partys a lot
    6:She is a lawyer
    7: She has 3 children
    8: She is always nice
    9: She is only strict when she needs to be
    10:She always has a bright smile

  3. 10 things about my dog

    1. He is very playful
    2. He likes to be outside
    3. He likes to drive in the car
    4. He loves other dogs
    5. He is always hyper and excited
    6. He loves to eat
    7. He always wakes me up in the morning
    8. He does not like his leash
    9. He bites everything
    10. He loves me

  4. 10 things about my horse 🐴 rustaleta.
    . Asome
    . Pretty
    . Follows me around.
    .never lets me down
    .do what I tell her to do.
    .never inbarisis me.
    .loves me.
    .doest want me to leave.
    .my dream horse. She is amazing.😘😃😜

  5. 10 thing about my brother will,
    1.He is awesome.
    2.He is small.
    3.He is 11.
    4.He is nice.
    5.He likes to play with me.
    6.He likes to play video game.
    7.He does not like home work.
    8.He is in 6th grade.
    9.He loves dogs.
    10.He likes scuba diving.

  6. 10 things about my mom.

    1. She loves me.
    2. She is usually happy or in a good mood.
    3. She only gets mad when she needs to.
    4. She is an AWESOME LISTENER.
    5. She is really nice.
    6. She likes traveling to different places.
    7. She is determined.
    8. She is loving.
    9. She is creative.
    10. She is caring.

  7. 10 things about my dad
    1. He is really good at vocabulary
    2. He is a doctor
    3. He loves me, Annie and James
    4. His favorite girl scout cookie is peanut butter patties
    5. His favorite color is blue
    6. He loves music
    7. He likes to cook
    8. He plays the piano
    9. He loves my mom
    10. He grew up in Boston

  8. 1. She is cool.
    2. She is not very tall.
    3. She is funny.
    4. She is energetic.
    5. She is really fun.
    6. She loves holidays.
    7. She likes to work out.
    8. She like the beach.
    9. She is from Louisiana.
    10. She likes to cook Cajun food.

    Those are ten things about my mom.

  9. Ten things Mia.
    1. She is funny.
    2. She is nice.
    3. She is cute.
    4. She is pretty.
    5. She is cool.
    6. She is fun.
    7. She is a good friend.
    8. She likes candy.
    9. She likes talking.
    10. She likes playing.

  10. These are ten things about my sister Samantha.
    1. She is nice.
    2. She is funny.
    3. She is a klutz in the kitchen.
    4. She is good at piano.
    5. She is good at singing.
    6. She is good at acting.
    7. She leaves her belongings everywhere.
    8. She likes lacrosse.
    9. She likes field hockey.
    10. She is a great sister. And she is small.

  11. Top ten things about my mom
    1. She plays the violin.
    2. She played in a orchestra.
    3. She is from Russia.
    4. She likes to cook.
    5. She likes to sing.
    6. She likes classical music.
    7. She loves to travel.
    8. She really likes to read.
    9. She likes to exercise.
    10. She likes to try new food.

  12. 10 things about my mom
    1. she is a very good friend
    2. she loves to go to are ranch
    3. she likes to play out side
    4. she likes to ride dirt bikes
    5. she is very nice
    6. she likes to cook
    7.she is pretty
    8. she likes to decorate
    9. she loves me
    10. she is funny

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  14. 10 things about my mom
    1. She is nice
    2. She has team sprit
    3. She loves me
    4. She is smart
    5. She is cool
    6. She loves my dad
    7. She is funny
    8. She loves UT football games
    9. She is a good cook
    10. She loves shopping

  15. 10 things about my Grammy.
    1. She is sweet.
    2.She has sleep overs with us.
    3.She is funny.
    4.She loves to play games.
    5. She loves to make books with me.
    6. She loves to go to to plays with me.
    7. She loves to go no vacation with are family.
    8.She loves to play sports with us.
    9.Likes to make us happy.
    10. She loves us! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️.

  16. 10 things about Mrs. O'Connell
    1.Loves drinking Diet Dr pepper
    2.She wears lipstick all the time
    3.She is hysterical
    4.She is 1 of nicest teachers I know.
    6. Creative
    8. Pretty
    9. She loves the whole class not just 1 of us, she hates favorites
    10. She always has a hairbrush in her purse

  17. Top Ten Things About My Dog
    1. He is super tiny.
    2.He is super cute
    3.He gets tired at night
    4.He likes to run in circles
    5.He has a cute bark
    6.He likes me
    7.He likes to curl up on my lap
    8.He likes to follow me around
    9.He likes to eat
    10.He is protective of our family

    P.S Our dogs name is Jango

  18. Top Ten Things About My Bearded Dragon!
    1. He has spikes.
    2. He has a beard.
    3. He eats crickets.
    4. He sleeps on a fake tree in his habitat.
    5. He also eats vegetables.
    6. He likes laying on a stick in his habitat.
    7. He needs vitamins with his crickets some days.
    8. He has a big habitat because he will grow 24 inches long.
    9. He is now 5 inches long.
    10. His name is Iggy.

  19. Ten things about my little brother alexis!
    He's fat.
    He has big cheeks.
    His name is Ceasar.
    He eats a lot.
    He he tends to go crazy.
    He loves technology.
    He can be calm.
    He loves fast food.
    He's named after my dad.
    He likes to run only in his diaper.😃