Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Make Mrs. Sayuk and myself proud! Teach me some information about circuits and electricity. Teach me also about bridges. Impress me with your knowledge.  Write at least four well written sentences about electricity and write four well written sentences about bridges.  Use your notes and review if you need to!!!  Have fun!!!

The Corpus Christi Bridge!


  1. Here are 4 things that I learned about electricity. You use parallel circuits in your kitchen. You don't use series circuits in your kitchen because if one light bulb goes out, everything goes out. The light bulb symbol is a circle with an x inside it. The battery symbol is 2 long lines and 2 short lines. Here are 4 facts about bridges. The live load is the object on the bridge. The dead load are the parts of the bridge. The part that the cars go on is called a deck. Most bridges have x's because x's are really strong.

  2. shoet circuits do no work,because they find a short cut through the wire and don't lite up the light bulb.Parellel circuits work even if there are 2 light bulbs and one goes out.In science we also made bridge posters.I did my poster with Turner.We did the Sydney Harbor Bridge.We learned lost of kinds of bridges,like truss briges,suspention bridges,beam bridges,and much more

  3. You use parallel circuits in you house.The light bulb has a x i the middle. Me and marykate did a poster. we did the londen bridge. It has all sords of stuff like the towers and many more there are just a lot to name. The light bulb simbul is 2 long lines and 2 short lines.

  4. Parallel circuits are the kind of circuit you use in your house. A short circuit can cause a fire if you wait to long. If you make a series circuit them the lights dim. The definition of balance is Forces are equal and opposite. The part of the bridge that supports the whole bridge from the ground is called the foundation. The main force on an arch bridge is compression.

  5. Some of the things I learned were: there are many types of bridges (beam, truss, suspension, arch, etc, etc), stone is strong under compression, but not tension so they're used in beam bridges where they are put under compression, truss bridges have Xs in them because they're strong, and arch bridges have a part named a keystone. As for electricity: We use parallel circuits in our houses, because in a parallel circuit, if one thing goes out, nothing else goes out, short circuits do no work, but they can start fires because the electricity zooms around the wires and gets hot because it doesn't have to light anything up. There are too many facts to list in this entry that I know, so I'll just put this.

  6. With a parallel circuit, if one goes out the rest still stay on! thats the kind of system we use in our house! But with a series circuit, if one goes out so do ALL THE REST!!!!!! we often use series circuits in our christmas tree, or if you celebrate hanukah, you sometimes decorate your house with blue lights! Those our the same kind of lights as a christmas tree!
    I also learned all about bridges! like truss, arch, suspension, and more truss bridges have X's because with an X you have lost of triangles! but NEVER use squares!!!! Or your bridge will lean!!!!!

  7. My facts on bridges and electricity [ circuits ] are:
    1 We do not use series circuits in houses because if one light bulb goes out then the whole house will lose power.
    2 We use parallel circuits in houses because if one light bulb goes out the whole house will not lose power.
    3 On an arch bridge you have to have abutments or else the bridge won’t stand.
    4 You have to have keystone on an arch bridge.
    5 The live load is the cars that move across the bridge
    I hope you learned a lot P.S. Be careful around short circuits. They can start a fire.

  8. Science is one of my favorite subjects. Right know we a learning about bridges, and electricity. For bridges she has taught us about the Truss bridge,beam,suspension, and arch. Truss bridges have a X shaped key stone to make it stronger. Beam bridges are under compression. For electricity we learned if you get a battery and a wire with two sides and you connect them to getter it gets really hot because electricity is zooming along the wire making it hotter and hotter and after about 40 seconds it turns into a magnet. I love science class. It is the best ever.

  9. These are some facts I learned in science. If your kitchen ran in a series circuit, if one thing ran out of energy, everything would in the kitchen. If you want to diagram a circuit, a light bulb is a circle with a x in it, a battery is big line, small line, big line, small line, and a switch is a slash. A short circuit does not work, can start fires, and wears out the battery twice as fast. A circuit is connection of wires that electricity travels through. The weight of the bridge is called the dead load. The weight on the bridge is called the live load. In an arch bridge the keystone is the middle stone. The span of the bridge is the distance between the two foundations.

  10. I learned all about electricity and that there are several different types of circuits. For example, their are simple circuits, short circuits, series circuits and parallel circuits. We have parallel circuits in our house because if one light goes out, the rest stay on. The bridges we have been learning about are the The Truss Bridge, Arch Bridge, Beam Bridge, and Cable Stayed Bridge. The Beam Bridge has piers, the Truss has Trusses, the Arch has abutments and a keystone. I also learned that balance is when two forces are equal in strength but push or pull in opposite directions.

  11. I am going to teach you facts about bridges and electricity. I am also going to tell you about circuits. A circuit that doesn't work is a short circuit. When you turn off the switch it is called breaking a circuit. A symbol for a switch is an arrow pointing up. The foundation supports the bridge. The main force on an arch bridges is compression. The wooden frame put under an arch bridge while it is being built is called the centering. Those are my facts about circuits and electricity.

  12. Fun Facts about Bridges:
    *In an Arch Bridge, the keystone is the most important stone. If it falls out the whole bridge comes tumbling down.
    *Triangles are much stronger for bridges than rectangles or squares. Most architects use triangles if they are seeking a strong and successful bridge.
    *Balance- forces are equal and opposite
    *Torque- a circular force
    *Compression- a pushing force
    *Tension- a pulling force
    *Center of Mass- the point of balance of an object
    *A part of the bridge is called the "dead load". For example, the beams on a bridge are the dead load.
    *Anything that is not part of the bridge is called "live load", for example, a car driving across the bridge is considered a live load.
    Fun facts about atoms and electricity:
    *An atom's number on the periodic table of elements determines how many protons, neutrons and electrons are in that atom.
    *A short circuit is a circuit that does no work. It gets very hot and can start fires. It also wears out the battery very fast.
    *A series circuit is a circuit with more than one light bulb on it. It causes dimmer lights because all the light bulbs have to share the electricity. If one goes out, they all out. An example is a string of Christmas lights. If one goes out, they will all go out.
    I hope you learned a lot!

  13. Here are some facts.short circuit,*does no work. *gets hot.*can start fires.and it wears out of battery fast. Siries circuit. *if one goes out the other ones do to. *dim lights. Bridges in an arch bridge the key stone is the most important part because if you take it out the whole bridge falls down. * torque a circuler force. * a thing that is not part of the bridge that is on it is called a live load.

  14. The arch bridge has a keystone in the middle and 1 abutment on each side. The foundation supports the bridge. In a series circuit, the bulbs get dimmer because they share the same battery power. Compression is a pushing force and tension is a pulling force. You should use a parallel circuit in the kitchen so if one thing goes out, all the rest will still work. A short circuit is when the the circuit is not complete and the light goes out.

  15. A connection of wires that electricity travels through is a circuit. The electricity is invisible. A current of electricity is electricity that is moving through a circuit. A short circuit is a circuit that does no work. Every bridge has a deck where you walk or drive. For a bridge to stand, the forces must be in balance. The main force that affects structures gravity. When a material is pulled, it is under tension.

  16. I learned a lot about electricity. Electricity in houses runs threw with parallel circuits because if one goes out the others stay on. Never short circuit a wire because it can start a fire and burn you. A beam bridge holds a lot of weight . Some bridges even hold trains!!!!

  17. A truss bridge has a curve on the bottom. A beam bridge has a flat deck on it. A suspention bridge is the only bridge that has cables. And a house has a parallel circuit in it.

  18. I learned a lot about bridges and electricity. I learned that when one light goes off in a parrallel circut the rest stay on. In a series circut when one goes off so do the rest. I learned a lot about bridges to. For example truss bridges are really strong.