Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dan Yaccarino

In less than two weeks the author, Dan Yaccarino, will be visiting our school.  He has written some great books.  Today we read All the Way to America, which was a great book on immigration.  We also read Jacques Cousteau (please watch) who became our guide of the oceans.  Please pursue Mr. Yaccarino's website and read more about him.  Also watch a few of his videos that our on his website.  As you can see he has written many books for children and even a television show.  Please tell us what you have learned about Mr. Yaccarino and write 3 to 4 questions that you would like to ask him. Be original!!! 


  1. * What is going to be your next book?
    * How long does it take to make a book and get it published?
    *What is your favorite subject to write about?
    *How do you come up with ideas?

  2. He made Tv shows for NickJr., NBC, and Qubo such as the backyardigans. He also made toys, games, and other children's products. He has recognized art style in Japan, Los Angelos. Tokyo, New York, Bologna. I want to ask him, what his favorite book to write was? Who is his biggest inspiration? and what he thinks most successful book was?

  3. I have learned a lot of things about Mr. Yaccarino and about his family history in the book All the way to America. There is this little shovel that started with his great grandfather and then onto his grandfather and then his dad then to him and now to his kids. Mr. Yaccarino's great grandfather traveled from somewhere else to America where he had a great big family that started to grow there all because of him.
    Those are some facts I learned about Mr. Yaccarino!!
    A question I have is how long has it been since his great grandfather traveled to America?

  4. I learned that Dan Yaccarino created and produced Willa's WIld Life and Oswald, and designed the characters for The Backyardigans. I also learned in his book, All the Way to America, that his ancestors are from Italy, and his great-grandfather, Michelle, changed his name to Michael in America. There also was a shovel passed down for generations in his family. He's known all over the world. When he comes I'm going to ask him….
    How many books has he written?
    When did he become an author?
    What's his children's book?
    What is his next book?

  5. These are the facts I learned about Dan Yaccarino. His TV series "Oswald" is the parents choice award winner for kids. His show Willa's Wild Life is an Emmy winning TV series and it is a kid show too and he also designs the characters in the Backyardigans. One of my favorite books that he wrote was Unplugged. He has written a lot of other books but that is still my favorite.

    Questions: Is he going to make a new TV show? Is he working on a new book right now? Does he work at an office or at home? When he did become an author?

    Those are my questions and fact - hope you liked them! REECE OUT

  6. Questions for him:
    How long do you spend writing a day?
    How many books have you written?
    How did you get inspired by writing?
    Why do you like writing?

  7. *Do you like America or would you move back to Italy?
    *what is your favorite t.v or book character?
    *How many books have you written?
    * where do you get ideas for your t.v shows and books?

  8. *How do you get your book in the book store
    *How do you get your books so professional looking
    *How many undos have you had
    *How many nonfiction and fiction books have you wrote

  9. These are some of my facts that I learned about Dan Yaccarino.
    First, I never knew that he has been drawing and creating creatures since he was little. I also learned that he invented so many children TV shows. Lastly, I never knew that he was from Italy.
    These are some of my questions
    *Did he have any siblings?
    *How did he get the idea of becoming an author?
    *How old is he?
    * What is his favorite book?

  10. What is your favorite book?
    what is your favorite animal
    do you have any children?
    is america a good place for him?

  11. What I learned about Dan Yaccarino is that he is the Director and producer of the TV shows "Oswald" and "Willa's Wildlife" and he designed the characters for "The Backyardigans."
    My Questions.......
    How many books have you written?
    Do you only write children's books?
    Do you still pass down the little shovel?
    If you have more than one kid who do you give the shovel to?

  12. * what is your favorite book you have written?
    * what was your inspiration the backyardigans?
    * what was your first book ?

  13. What I wonder about from the video???
    *Was All The Way To America based on his life?
    *What age did he start writing?
    *Did you want to be a writer all your life?
    *When you found out about the new product the air tank did you wait any to write the book or write the book right away?
    *Have you wanted to write all your life?

  14. How did you get the idea to write about Jacques Cousteau?
    What your favorite television show that you made?
    Do you write your books for anyone you know?

    What I learned:

    He got the parents choice award for Willas Wildlife
    He has sold over 1.5 million books to date

  15. Do you have any siblings?
    What was your favorite book you made?
    What was your favorite book growing up as a kid?
    Have you wanted to become an author your whole life?

  16. I learned that he did not just make books he made T.V. shows like Oswald and The Backyardigans. He is also an author and an illustrator. He has published 14 books.

    What is his favorite book? When was his first book published? What was his first book published? When did he start to write?

  17. I learned:

    *Dan Yaccarino wrote The Backyardians
    *Two things that Jacques Cousteau said were " The best way to observ a fish is to be a fish" and "I flew without wings."

    My questions:

    *How long have you been writing books?
    *How many books have you written?
    *WHat school did you go to?

  18. I learned:

    He wrote the backyardians.
    He loves to write kids books.


    Why doesn't he write chapter books?
    Why does he love to write?
    How many books has he wrote?