Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Science Test!!!

Monday is your first science test, which is mainly on nutrition and a little bit on the metric system.  I know that you are already studying, and I would love to hear four to five fact or interesting things that you have learned during this unit.  Please share in four to five complete sentences.  Be sure to use the correct punctuation and capitalization. 


  1. Calcium and Vitamin D prevent rickets. Vitamin A helps with night vision. Iron and Calcium are minerals. Vitamins can be carried by water or fat. Eggs is under Poultry in the food pyramid.

  2. These are DJ's facts.

    *The three carbs are fiber,starch,and sugar.

    *Fat makes your hair shiny and your skin smooth.

    *The three thing you should limit are sugar,fat,and salt.

    *The food groups are grains,veggies,fruit,protein,dairy,and fats,oils,and sweets.
    *Protien makes musle.

  3. Reece's fascinating facts:

    * Vitamin K is important for making scabs.
    * A person should drink about 8 glasses of water per day
    * Vitamin C helps to prevent scurvy.
    * British sailors were called limeys because they eat a lot of citrus fruits on long trips to help prevent scurvy.
    * Calcium is a mineral that helps make bones stronger.
    * Iron helps our blood carry oxygen.

    That is all I have for today. Bye!

  4. *Vitamin C helps heel cuts
    *the three carbs are sugar, starch, and fiber
    * British sailors were called limeys because they ate so much citrus fruit to prevent scurvy
    *calcium makes your bones strong and your teeth strong
    *Iron helps carry oxygen threw our blood
    *vitamin K makes scabs

  5. * grain is important in bread
    * iorn and calcium are minrals
    * vitaman C pervents scurvy
    * vitaman A helps night vision
    * our body is more than two thirds water

  6. I learned that vitamin C helps heal cuts. Fat carries vitamins through your blood. you are 70% water. The 3 carbs are starch,sugar and fiber. And the 6 nutrient groups are vitamins,minerals,fats,water,protein and carbs

  7. heres some of my facts!

    * Vitamin A helps you have good night vision
    * There are three carbs sugar, starch, and fiber
    * Fat keeps your hair shiny
    * Vitmin K makes scabs
    * Minerals come rocks

    and those are some facts about nutrients!

    Love, Mia A

  8. *Vitamin A helps with good night vision
    *We make vitamin D from sunlight that hits are skin
    *The three carbs are starch, fiber and sugar
    *The 6 food groups are dairy, vegetables, fruits, protein, fats, oils and sweets and grains

  9. Here are some of my facts!

    *Fat keeps your hair shiny and your skin smooth
    *Iron carries oxygen through your blood
    *Vitamin K helps make scabs
    *Calcium and Vitamin D prevent rickets
    *Bran is the coating on grains

    Those are some facts that I learned!

  10. The coolest things that I learned during this unit were... that vitamin D and calcium work together to stop rickets. The 6 food groups are, bread, meat, veggies, fruit, dairy and fats/sweets. The 6 nutrients are water, minerals, protein, vitamins, fat and carbs. Water carries some vitamins. Fat carries some vitamins. Vitamin C helps prevent scurvy and we get it from eating citrus. That was Hope's turn with Mrs.O'connell! Bye!!!

  11. Here are some facts I learned in this unit of science

    *Iron carries oxygen through your body

    *Vitamins are made in a lab

    *Minerals are rocks

    *Vitamin C prevents scurvy

    *Protein makes your bones and muscles strong

  12. During this unit I learned that...
    ~Vitamin C helps heal cuts
    ~Vitamin C helps fight infections
    ~Vitamin C prevent scurvy
    ~That scurvy, berry berry, and rickets diseases caused by missing a nutrient
    ~Vitamin B helps prevent berry berry
    ~Vitamin D and calcium help prevent rickets
    ~There are a thousand grams in a kilogram
    ~Weight is the amount of gravity pulling on our mass
    ~Meter is the unit for measuring length
    ~Grams is the unit for measuring mass
    ~Liter is the unit for measuring volume

    And those are some things I learned in science!!!

  13. * sugar is fast energy
    *starch is slow energy
    *fats carry some vitamins
    *water helps digest food
    *calcium makes strong bones
    *vitamin k helps make scabs

  14. I learned...
    *there are different food groups
    *fats keeps your hair shiny and your skin smooth
    *oranges,lemons,and stuff you peel are called citrus food
    I did not know that there was such thing as Vitamin K
    *vitamin K makes scabs
    *Vitamin C prevents scurvy
    *Vitamin D works with calcium to make your bones strong
    *Iron helps blood carry oxygen
    Vitamin C also helps heal cuts
    *Muffin is in the fats,oils.and sweets group
    * you should at least have 8 bottles of water a day
    * water helps make up are blood

  15. So where do I start? I'll do the metric system first

    *count in 10's 100's 1000's

    *weigh mass in grams

    *everyone but the U.S. uses it

    now on to nutrition facts

    the 6 nutrition groups







    Thats what i learned in science Brett

  16. *vitamin d- helps prevent rickets
    *vitamin k- makes scabs
    *vitamin a- helps us have good night vision
    * fat keeps are hair shiny
    *vitmanin c- prevents scurvy
    * iron helps blood carry oxygen

  17. *Vitamin A gives you good night vision
    *Vitamin K helps make scabs
    *Fat keeps are hair shinny
    *Vitamin C prevents scurvy
    *Minerals come from rocks

  18. *fat makes skin smooth
    *vitamin k makes scabs
    *vitamin a good night vision
    *water carries vitamins

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