Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Native American Indians

We had a great time today "viewing to learn!"  Please tell at least four new things you learned about Native Americans.  If you need or want to look at more videos, don't forget there is a hot link on the left!  Have fun learning!!!  Tomorrow we will be choosing our Texas Native American Tribes!!!


  1. I learned that the Indians hunted buffalo by stampeding them over cliffs. Native Americans cut down large cedar trees for houses and ceremonial poles. About a million Native Americans lived north of Mexico. The word "Navajo" actually originated from the Spanish, who called the Dineh people Apache De Navajo called themselves "Dineh,"or, "The people."

  2. Explorers forced Indians out of some land in America. The five major tribes are Creek, Cherokee, Seminoles, Choctaw and Chickasaw. Choctaw left in 1831. The Creek tribe left in 1834. The Chickasaw left in 1837.Cherokee left in 1838. The Seminoles stood their ground and didn't leave.

  3. Today I learned that there were 5 major Native American tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole. The US government kicked more than 6000 Native Americans out of their homes. President Andrew Jackson signed a paper that said Native Americans are forced to sell their land to the US government. The Chickasaw had to leave first, in 1831. They had to go live on an Indian reservation.

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    1. D.J. What else did you learn? I need more information please!!! Mrs. O'Connell

    2. I did more facts at the bottom

  5. I leaned a bunch of cool things first I leaned.
    * They were the first people that lived in North America.
    * In 1803 the United Staes bought a huge amount of land.
    * When they came and how they arrived its still a mystery.
    * In 1492 Christopher Columbus new he landed in India but he was wrong he actually was in America.

  6. I learned the Europeans killed the Native Americans, the Lenni-Lanape built houses called wigwams, and the Cherokee native name is Ani-Yun 'wiya meaning "principal people."

  7. Today I learned that...

    *Some indians came from Asia.

    *Some indians followed animals depending on them to find food.
    *The Athabascans, Eskimos, Aleuts, and tlingits lived in Alaska.

  8. Today I learned about native Americans . Here are some things that I learned about,most of the explorers went from Russia to Alaska. Also, I learned that we don't really know how the Indians got there but scientists think that it was during the ice age.There are two more things though and those two things are:there was this thing called the 5 Civilized tribes and over 2,000,000 Indians lived north of Mexico. Well, that was my report. Bye!!!

  9. Today I learned

    * Indians were the first people on North America

    *Some Indians moved around like animals

    * Indians got to america by going to the end of Russia and crossed over to Alaska It does not show that on a map because there is no longer land there anymore. That is all my facts for today. Bye

  10. I learned that there were tribes in Alaska like the eskimos.I also learned different tribes like the Kwakwaka'wakw. Many died because european settlers killed them. some moved west to keep their land. spanish settlers made them slaves.

  11. Today I learned about indians. Some indians came from Asia.
    I also learned that indians have different ways like Nomadic they followed animals depending on them to find food.I also learned in the south east the mississippian people lived there.

  12. I learned
    1.) when Christopher Columbus sailed to America he called Natives Indians.
    2.) there used to be a bridge between Russia and Alaska.
    3.) some tribes in America hunted and fished, while others farmed in the desert, and others hunted for bison and other large animals.
    4.) that they walked over 2,000 kilometers.

  13. Today I learned that...

    *Native Americans were the very FIRST People to live in North America.
    *Native Americans hunted the buffalo for their skin to make clothes and shelter. They used the buffalo meat for food, the bones for weapons. They used every part of the buffalo.
    *The white settlers stalked the buffalos with their rifles for their skins. They threw away the rest of the buffalo.
    *Native Americans cut down trees for shelter and cannos
    *They were told there Hagaen religion was Wrong!
    *They came from Asia
    *Native Americans caught bad diseases from the Europeans
    *They crossed a landbridge from Russia to Alaska
    *They follow animals they trust to help them find there food

  14. *trail of tears is named after the Cherokee crying on it
    *the U.S made the Indians leave their home
    *the term indian was a mistake because Christopher Columbus thought he was in India
    *there used to be a land bridge between Russia and Alaska.

  15. * I learned about the trail of tears
    * The trail of tears is the rout that the indians took to go to the indian land that they signed a paper saying yes we will sell you our land for money and gold
    * The took many routs and many died
    * But some held on to their land and they went into war and had to move

    * I also learned about a bridge the the Indians crossed it was called the land bridge
    * The land bridge crosses from Asia to Alaska
    * That is how the Indians made it to Alaska
    * They went there over 10000 years ago
    * Christopher Columbus sailed to america and thought he was in India so he called them Indians

  16. *Many Indians died from spanish diseases and hunger.
    *The trail of tears was when the indians got driven out of their homes and got moved out west
    *Some Indians fought in the battle of little bighorn.
    *The name Indian is wrong because Spanish explorers thought they were in India.

  17. *many Indians were slaves and died
    *on the trail of tears Indians were kicked out of their home
    * some Indians fought in the battle of bighorn
    *Christopher Columbus thought he was in India so he named americans Indians

  18. *The place we now call The United States became a home of many tribes
    *And the Northeast people agreed on a constitution called The Great Law Of Peace
    *And in North America, many Indians died as European Settlers came and took the Indians Land
    *1803, The United States Bought a huge amount of land from France, in the Louisiana purchase. On May 17, 1803 7,000 troops went to Georgia to round up the people from Cherokee for a long Journey West
    *Men, Women, and even children were driven from there homes at gunpoint and crammed into temporary camps

  19. * 26 stats in the U.S have names that come from native American languages . * the first people that lived in north America. *the most likeable food was corn .* Indian tribes started to disappear.

  20. I see numbers when I count stuff like today when I was looking at Mrs.O'Connell's water bottle I was counting the flowers . And some times letters in peoples names .

  21. I see math when I count letters in peoples names and decorations also in math . And it s true that is every where I go and when I count on number grids . And some times in music when we do warmups .