Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Westward Ho!!!

We are just beginning to gain background knowledge about life on the Oregon Trail!

Please share a few fascinating facts about The Oregon Trail that are part of our new learning list from our brain tracks notes, the computer lab notes, or from the movie that we watched! Be original!  Don't copy anyone's ideas.  Write in complete sentences and give at least three to four good facts!!!


  1. Near the early 1800 the oregon trail started to expand our country. people went for cheap furtel land.The oregon trail was more than 2000 miles long.wagons were 4 feet wide 10 to 11 ft long. about 500,000 people went along the oregon trail.When people died a short burial took place.Most died by colora or yellow fever or rattle snake bites. people did not ride in wagons they walked along side.when the pioneers traveled they found indians.

  2. 1. The Oregon trail was 2,000 miles long.
    2. 1 out of 10 people died on the trail.
    3. The trail took 5 to 6 months.
    4. The wagons were about 4 feet wide.
    5. Only about 400 pioneers were killed by Indians.

  3. 1.the snakes were as big as a mans knee.
    2.1of10 people died.
    3.people were not allow to ride in the wagon.
    4.indians killed 400 people. took them 5 to 6 months on the trail

  4. Hi guys Evan here these are my facts.
    1 1 in 10 people died on the trail.
    2 every family had a rifle an axe and a shovel.
    3 natives killed 400 people.
    4 the us bought t oregon from uk.

  5. I have learned a lot of facts about pioneers so far. Here are a few...
    1.Thousands of pioneers died of cholera
    2.A good wagon costed about $85.00
    3. The pioneers also moved to California for the gold rush
    4. The pioneers packed five pounds of gunpowder
    5.The Oregon trail expanded over to Missouri,Kansas,Nebraska,Wyoming, and Idaho

  6. • A good wagon was about 85 cents each wagon was about 4 ft long and about 2 ft deep.
    • Most familys have riffeles and other suppiles to to clean out there land whene they got there.
    • The great" Micration" lasted about 25 years.

    I hope you learned some thing new Hallie Brass sining off

  7. Even though our class has not spent a lot of time on the Oregon trail, I can tell I am going to like it a lot!!! Here are a few facts that I have learned so far.................. ⁎every day pioneers travel around 20 miles per hour!
    ⁎the settlers signed trees with the indians that showed contracts for land, but the settlers broke the contract!
    ⁎Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, & Idaho were states that the pioneers crossed to get to Oregon.

  8. My class is studying the Oregon Trail and here are a few facts that I learned.
    Did you know that on the Oregon Trail a grettle is a pancake? Another interesting fact is that when wagons travel together it is called a wagon train (100 wagons travel together). Settlers brought flour, sugar, rice, beans, bacon, dried fruit, coffee beans, pots, pans, and kettles.
    500,000 people moved to Oregon.
    One in ten travelers died on the Oregon Trail.
    The Oregon Trail started in Independence, Missouri. These are a few facts that I learned today.

  9. I have been learning about the Oregon Trail and here are some interesting facts.
    1.Oxen were the best for pulling wagons because they are the strongest but some people chose horses instead.
    2.about 400 people were killed by indians because they were taking over the indians land.
    3.500,000 people were traveling on the Oregon Trail WOW! thats a lot of people.

  10. My first fact is that in 1843 there were exciting times because America was growing. People were moving west and making their homes. White settlers brought flour, sugar, rice beans, bacon, dried fruit and coffee beans. They took pots and kettles to cook with on the move west. They traveled in 100 wagon trains together to Independence, Missouri.

  11. The settlers used wagon trains on the Oregon trail. They started moving in 1843. About 400 people were killed by indians because the settlers were stealing there land.

  12. About a 100 families attempted the Oregon trail, but unfortunately not all of them made it the whole way. It took six months to travel on the Oregon trail. It was a long and dangerous trip especially because they were traveling two miles an hour. They traveled from Missouri to Oregon by train wagons driven by horses, oxen and oxygen. On the Oregon trail, indians killed 400 pioneers, but at times the indians also helped the pioneers.

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  14. Oxen were the best animals to pull wagons but people would sometimes use cows or mules.Children were expected to act like adults and do jobs like tending livestock.100 families would travel together.Those were called wagon trains.Each family would have at least 1 rifle.Rattle snakes were 10 f.t or less long and as wide as a man's knee.

  15. Here are some facts about the Oregon Trail:

    1. Lots of people died, about 1/10.

    2. People mostly did not ride in wagons.

    3. Oxes are the best animal to pull wagons.

    4. The pioneers were moving at about 2 miles per hour.

    5. Good wagons cost about $85.00.

    6. The pioneers traveled over 2,000 miles.

    7. The pioneers turned wagons into boats.

    8. Children were expeted to act like adults.

    9. Rattle snakes were about 5 feet long and as wide as a man's knee.

    10. The wagons were about 2 feet deep, 5 feet wide, and 11 feet long.

  16. Some facts about the Oregon Trail are Oregon offered open land, freedom, and a better life. The Oregon Trail was 2,000 miles long and rugged and dangerous. One and ten pioneers died on the Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail lasted 25 years long.

  17. My facts are
    1.500,000 people moved to Oregon
    2. The Oregon trail was 2,000 miles long
    3. 1 in 10 people died on the trail
    4. The settlers moved in groups called wagon trains

  18. My orgen trail facts are. Evry one worked as a teem. People crossed lakes with there waggens. They turn the waggens into boats. They use oxen to move waggens. Those are some facts that I lernd.

  19. What I leaned about the Oregon trail is. . . * 1 of 10 people died * The trip took 5 to 6 months * People did not ride in the wagon * 400 people were killed by Indians *People went to Oregon for free land and a better opportunity!*They crossed mountains, plains, and very dangerous rives! *They risked everything for a better life!!!

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