Wednesday, January 16, 2013

China and Argentina

There is a wonderful database called Culture Grams on the Lower School Library.  Please hit the red Culture Grams and briefly read about China and Argentina. 

After reading about each country, please think of some interesting questions that you could research on this database or another source! Think of two questions for China and two questions for Argentina. Be thoughtful and please don't repeat a questions that someone else has typed!


  1. I love argentina and china.Some of the questions i want to ask are how long did it take to build the great wall of china. And how long is it.
    some of the questions i want to ask about argentina are why do drug dealers in slums have to be so mean.Why is the end of argentina called the end of the world?

  2. Here are some questions I want to ask. How big is China. Is it small? How many different languages do they speak in Argentina. Or do they just speak one language. I want to find those questions out.

  3. I want to know how long the great wall of china is? I also want to know how long did it take to make the great wall of china? I want to know about Argentina why do the use the same straw? I also want to know what language they speak?

  4. I have learned a lot this year about our two international countries, Argentina and China. But there are a few questions I want to ask. I want to learn about the architecture in China and Argentina. I also want to know more about the food in Argentina. Also cultural dances of China. I am sure that international fair this year will be so much fun. I look forward to learning more about Argentina and China.

  5. How far is China from Texas? How many people live in China? How far is Argentina from Texas? How many people live in Argentina?

  6. Here are my questions what animal live in china? What are the people like in china? How big is Argentina? What is Argentina's population? those are my questions


  7. Hi, Mia here and my questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. In Argentina why do they eat so much beef?
    2. Why does the flag of Argentina have a sun on its flag?
    3. In China why was the great wall built?
    4. Does China have a president?

    If you know the answer please tell me in reply.

  8. its Evan and my guestions are.
    When was the great wall built?
    Where are the temples in china?
    What gods do argentianens prey to?
    Why are the slums so dangerous?

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  10. I have learned many things about china and argentina. But there are many more things I'd like to know! Here are a couple of things. 1) What are the slums like? 2) Whats China's population? 3) What is China's state capitol? 4) What is argentina's state capitol? That's all!!!!!

  11. How long is the great wall of china?

    What do Chinese people eat?

    Is Argentina a popular place to hunt?

    Do a lot of people live in Argentina?

  12. I want to learn about:
    1 - What is the weather like in Argentina?
    2 - What kind of foods do they eat in Argentina?
    3 - What holidays do they celebrate in China?
    4 - What type of plants do they have in China?

  13. I want to learn about China:
    1. Why did they build the statue of Buddha so big?
    2. Why do they make most of the toys in China?
    I want to learn about Argentina:
    1. Why are the best polo players in Argentina?
    2. Why did they invent the Tango?

  14. My first two questions are on China
    1.Why do they use chop sticks for almost everything?
    2.Why are a lot of things made in China?
    The next two are about Argentina
    1.Why is the Tango so popular in Argentina?
    2.Why do people in Argentina like Soccer so much?

  15. China-
    How long is the great wall of China?
    Is the great Wall of China considered a bridge since people can walk on it?
    Is it good to live in Buenos Aires next to the slums?
    Why are Brazil and Argentina so competitive in soccer?

  16. China:

    How long is the Great Wall of China?
    Who was the founder of China?


    Who is the best soccer player in Argentina?
    What's the favorite food of the people of Argetina?

  17. china
    Who build the great wall of china?
    Who was the first to step foot on the great wall of china?

    Who invented the tango
    What music do the people dance to in Argentina?

  18. This Greer. Here are wonderful questions!!!


    Why do Chinese people use chopsticks?
    Why is China called China? Where did they get the name?


    Why did Argentina invent the Tango? Will we learn the tango at the International Fair?
    Why is Argentina called Argentina? What is their main language they speak?